Final determinations of who caused the 13 December 2018 under-frequency event

No submissions were received, accordingly the Authority’s final determination under clause 8.61(9) of the Code is:

Genesis Energy Limited (Genesis), is the causer of the under-frequency event on 13 December 2018 at 2.25 pm. The Authority’s reasons for this final determination are:
a. the interruption/reduction of energy occurred at Unit 5 at the Huntly power station, which belongs to Genesis
b. no other asset was identified as having caused or potentially caused the UFE
c. in the system operator’s view, Genesis is the causer of the UFE
d. in reply to a system operator letter, Genesis has accepted that it was the causer of the 13 December 2018 UFE.

In accordance with clause 8.65 of the Code, the clearing manager rebates the event charge to relevant participants. The charge advised in the system operator’s report to the Authority was $175,125.

Final determinations of who caused the 14 December 2018 under-frequency event

The Authority has withdrawn its final determination published under clause 8.61(9) of the Code on 10 September 2019. Due to an internal process error, one of the submissions received was not considered when finalising the causer decision. We apologise to all participants for any inconvenience caused by this error. We are reviewing our processes to avoid this happening in the future.

We will consider the three submissions received and make a final decision as soon as possible.