AUFLS are the blocks of load that are automatically disconnected during large under-frequency events in the New Zealand electrical system.

The changes will significantly improve the efficiency and reliability of the extended reserve regime, because the load with best relative suitability would be selected for the service. The Authority has appointed NZX Limited as the extended reserve manager to progress the development of the selection methodology and the creation of the procurement schedule.

The Authority will organise a series of three interactive workshops with North Island distributors and consumers with load directly connected to the grid to gather feedback on a number of topics. After these workshops, the extended reserve manager will consult on the methodology and the procurement schedule and the system operator will consult on the technical requirements schedule before finalising them.

Although AUFLS is currently the only type of extended reserve product, the Authority has adopted the more generic term (ie, extended reserve) so as to not limit the introduction of other products and services in the future.


Date Activity
21 Feb 2017 Development: Decision paper on efficient procurement of extended reserve Read more
11 Oct – 29 Nov 2016 Consultation: NZX consultation - Draft extended reserve selection methodology Read more
11 Oct – 29 Nov 2016 Consultation: System operator consultation - Draft extended reserve technical requirements schedule Read more
23 Aug – 4 Oct 2016 Consultation: Consultation on proposed extended reserve Code amendments Read more
Apr 2016 Event: Papers from extended reserve workshop 3 Read more
Nov 2015 Event: Papers from extended reserve workshop 2 Read more
Sep 2015 Event: Papers from extended reserve workshop 1 Read more
Jul 2015 – Jul 2017 Implementation: Key project dates Read more
14 Jul 2015 Implementation: Authority, extended reserve manager and system operator enter development phase Read more
May 2015 Implementation: Report on value of lost load (VoLL) Read more
17 Mar 2015 Development: Extended reserve manager liability limits Read more
4 Feb 2015 Implementation: On 4 February 2015 the Authority selected NZX Limited as its preferred supplier for the role of extended reserve manager, after a competitive open tender process. Read more
25 Nov – 19 Dec 2014 Consultation: Limiting the liability of the extended reserve manager Read more
16 Sep 2014 Implementation: Extended reserve manager role Read more
11 Jun 2014 Development: Decision paper Read more
6 May 2014 Event: Workshop on extended reserves consultation Read more
8 Apr – 20 May 2014 Consultation: Consultation on extended reserves - draft Code amendment Read more
21 Jan – 4 Mar 2014 Consultation: Efficient procurement of extended reserves - second consultation Read more
14 – 23 Oct 2013 Event: Workshops on extended reserves Read more
2 Oct – 14 Nov 2012 Consultation: Efficient procurement of extended reserves Read more