The Electricity Authority will shortly issue a request for proposal (RFP) seeking candidates for the newly-created role of extended reserve manager (ERM). The ERM is the market operations service provider who will select the most suitable electrical load to provide extended reserve under the new arrangements that were put in place in August 2014. The first selection run is planned to take place in August 2015.

The RFP and the accompanying documentation will be released through the Government GETS website in the next month or two.

Parties who wish to indicate early interest in taking part in the RFP process, and to receive a copy of the RFP documentation, should send an email to, with “ERM Role” in the subject line, giving the name of your organisation and contact details, by 5pm 30 September 2014.

Below you will find a  description of the role and functions of the ERM. The description is not exhaustive, but should give a good indication what the role entails.