The Authority is proposing to change the requirements for how participants provide extended reserve in the North Island using AUFLS.

AUFLS are the blocks of load that are automatically disconnected during large under-frequency events in the electrical system. Although AUFLS is currently the only type of extended reserve product used in New Zealand, the Authority has adopted the generic term – extended reserve – to not limit the future introduction of other products and services.

The Authority expects the proposed revised Extended Reserve scheme to deliver a more flexible and resilient electricity system for consumers by reducing the likelihood of New Zealand-wide black-outs.


Date Activity
17 Apr 2020 Implementation: Read more
14 Jan 2020 Implementation: Draft data specification for historical AUFLS demand data Read more
15 Oct 2019 Background: How extended reserve works Read more
15 Oct 2019 Development: Focus of Extended Reserve project refined Read more
15 Oct 2019 Development: Frequently asked questions Read more
15 Oct 2019 Implementation: Initial phase of implementation Read more