Date Activity
15 Jul 2015 Outcome: To manage this possible situation regulated arrangements for managing a retailer default became operational in July 2014. Read more
26 Aug – 10 Oct 2014 Consultation: Proposed Code amendments: Implementing retailer default Read more
7 Nov 2013 Development: Code Amendments Gazetted Read more
18 Jun – 20 Aug 2013 Consultation: Arrangements to manage a retailer default situation Read more
23 Apr 2013 Event: The purpose of the workshop is to identify any aspects of the proposed process that might prevent a successful resolution of a retailer default prior to consulting of the detailed Code amendments. Read more
19 Dec 2012 Advisory Group: RAG: Final report Read more
14 Aug – 25 Sep 2012 Consultation: Arrangements for managing retailer default situations Read more
7 Feb – 19 Mar 2012 Consultation: Retail Advisory Group discussion paper: Retail customers in retailer default situations Read more
1 Mar 2011 Background: Assuring Customer Supply Read more