The Authority is developing a proposed amendment to the Code to establish a process for managing a retailer default situation. The proposal is based on the approach recommended by the Retail advisory group (RAG).

The Authority will consult on detailed Code amendments in due course, but it is first seeking feedback from interested parties about the practical aspects of a proposed process at a workshop.

The purpose of the workshop is to identify any aspects of the proposed process that might prevent a successful resolution of a retailer default prior to consulting of the detailed Code amendments. That is, will the process work? In particular the Authority is seeking technical input on how the proposed process might affect the actions and activities of participants if there were a retailer default; and on the possible implications for existing switching processes.

To enable interested parties to provide input the Authority has prepared working draft guidelines for managing retailer default situations to provide the focus for discussion. These draft guidelines have been prepared as if the proposed arrangements had been adopted but does not reflect the current Code and should not be used or relied on in any way if there is a retailer default event.

 The workshop will focus on obtaining the views of interested parties by seeking feedback about the practical implications each aspect of the proposed process for participants and consumers. The workshop is not intended to address policy issues such as the definition of an event of default or the mechanism for transferring any remaining customers of a retailer that is in default to other retailers. Policy issues will be considered during consultation on detailed Code amendments.