Date Activity
9 Sep 2015 Background: Background of wholesale market information Read more
15 Sep 2015 Advisory Group: Wholesale Advisory Group Meeting Read more
28 Jun – 23 Aug 2016 Consultation: WAG Discussion paper: Wholesale market information: Review of disclosure exclusions Read more
14 Feb 2017 Advisory Group: WAG recommendations paper published Read more
8 Aug – 3 Oct 2017 Consultation: Consultation and draft guidelines for review of disclosure regime Read more
12 Sep 2017 Event: Workshop on review of wholesale market information disclosure regime Read more
29 May 2018 Development: Amendment to Electricity Industry Participation code 2010 (Code) Read more
17 Mar 2020 Background: Read more
1 Apr – 22 May 2020 Development: We want to hear from interested participants about the problems they face in relation to wholesale information. Read more
21 Jul – 1 Sep 2020 Consultation: We have published our Wholesale market information disclosure: review of thermal fuel disclosure consultation paper. Read more
28 Jul 2020 Event: We will be holding a briefing to support stakeholders understanding of the consultation paper. Read more