5 December 2017


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Consultation on proposed list of distributed generation eligible to qualify to receive ACOT, lower South Island


We are seeking views on the proposed list of distributed generation in the lower South Island that would be eligible under the regulated terms in Part 6 of the Code to receive avoided cost of transmission (ACOT) payments from distributors.

We amended the Code in December 2016 to alter the arrangements relating to ACOT payments. The Code requires the Authority to publish a list of distributed generation for each of the four transmission planning regions eligible to qualify to receive ACOT payments.

The proposed list for the lower South Island relies on analysis provided by Transpower about what distributed generation in the lower South Island it needs to meet the grid reliability standards. Transpower’s analysis is included in a report accompanying the proposed list.

The new ACOT arrangements create substantial long-term net benefits to consumers, particularly by removing inefficient incentives on the investment in, and operation of, distributed generation.

Submissions are due 30 January 2018. The Authority will finalise and publish the list after considering submissions.

We expect to consult on proposed lists for the lower North Island, Upper North Island and Upper South Island during 2018.

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Prudential offsets submissions published


We have published submissions received on our August 2017 issues and options paper on the treatment of prudential offsets in the wholesale market.

Our paper discussed whether there would be benefits to combining the clearing and settlement of exchange-traded derivatives with the spot market, ancillary services, over the counter derivatives, and financial transmission rights.

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Reminder: Participant registration and information update


The Authority reminds participants that it is their responsibility to register with the Authority as a participant, and ensure the information they provide for registration is up to date.

Please check that all information is up to date including contact names and details that may have changed. Please direct all changes and updates to the participants register to compliance@ea.govt.nz.

Failure to register or to update information is an offence under section 31 of the Electricity Industry Act 2010.

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Wellington Anniversary Day (22 January 2018)


The Authority gives notice to participants that Monday, 22 January 2018 (Wellington Anniversary Day) is declared not to be a business day.

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Current consultations


Authority consultation on appropriations and work programme focus areas

We have published a consultation paper seeking feedback on our 2018/19 levy-funded appropriations and work programme focus areas.

Started: 21/11/2017; Ending: 19/12/2017 5pm

Multiple trading relationships

We have released a consultation paper Multiple trading relationships. We have identified potential barriers that may constrain consumers from using electricity services provided by more than one party at the same time, at the same location (multiple trading relationships). 

Started: 28/11/2017; Ending: 27/02/2018 5pm

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