4 December 2018

Welcome to Market Brief, the Electricity Authority’s weekly update on regulatory and market developments.


Multiple trading relationships project update

In future, households and businesses could buy and sell a range of services via their electricity connection. We want to make sure there are no unnecessary barriers to more diverse products and services being offered. 

We have already sought and received views from several businesses and organisations about what the barriers might be, through the multiple trading relationships (MTR) and data and data exchange (DDx) consultations.

To progress from here, we are now focusing on real-life examples and practical measures to address the barriers. Find out what we are planning to do here.

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Appointment of new MDAG chairperson

The Authority has appointed Tony Baldwin as the new chairperson of the Market Development Advisory Group (MDAG) for a term ending 31 May 2020. Mr Baldwin replaces James Moulder who stepped down in August 2018.

Mr Baldwin is a consultant providing advisory and project management services in relation to transactions, strategy, re-structuring, and public policy.  He has a long involvement in the electricity industry, starting in the early 1990s and has previously chaired industry groups on the electricity hedge market and model electricity retail contracts. 

Tony’s full biography can be found on our website.

The Authority would like to thank Bruce Rogers for chairing the intervening meetings of MDAG.  

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Court of Appeal decision Vector and Entrust v EA (DDA proposal)

The Court of Appeal has issued its judgment on Vector and Entrust v EA – DDA proposal. Vector and Entrust claim the Authority does not have the power to introduce a default distribution agreement (DDA). The Court has requested additional submissions before it can make a final decision on all aspects of the claim. 

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Current consultations

2019/20 levy-funded appropriations and indicative work programme

We are seeking feedback on our 2019/20 levy-funded appropriations and indicative work programme. The indicative work programme for 2019/20 maintains our focus on priority work and faster completion of projects—so the benefits for consumers are realised sooner.

Started: 13/11/2018; Ending: 10/12/2018 5pm

Second consultation on electricity information exchange protocols (EIEPs)

Following on from our 2017 operational review of EIEPs, we have released a consultation paper that proposes further changes to EIEP1 and EIEP5A.

Started: 20/11/2018; Ending: 18/12/2018 5pm

Consultation calendar

Download and view our high-level consultation calendar (PDF)

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