14 May 2019

Welcome to Market Brief, the Electricity Authority’s weekly update on regulatory and market developments.


Contestable services project workshop

We are holding a workshop as part of the Spotlight on Emerging Contestable Services project in Wellington in late May. We want to establish a shared understanding of the circumstances where distributors’ activities in new markets relying on emerging technologies will deliver long-term benefits to consumers. It will be held on Tuesday, 28 May 2019, from 9.00am to 12.30pm.

If you are interested in attending this workshop please RSVP to EAComComJointProject@comcom.govt.nz by 5pm, Friday, 17 May. 

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Submissions on RTP design elements published

In April 2019 we consulted on the three remaining design elements of real-time pricing (RTP). This second consultation followed our August 2017 consultation on the RTP proposal. The April consultation paper also provided the final draft of the proposed amendments to the Electricity Industry Participation Code 2010 (Code).

We have published the submissions to this consultation here

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Constrained-on change submissions published

In April 2019, we consulted on our proposal to amend the Code by inserting a new clause in Part 13 of the Code to stop constrained-on payments to ramp-constrained generators when they are dispatched down at their maximum ramp rate.

We have published the submissions to this consultation here.

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Type B industrial co-generator station application

The Fonterra Todd Co-generation Joint Venture has submitted an application for the Whareroa industrial co-generation station to be approved as a Type B industrial co-generating station. We are assessing the application in accordance with Schedule 13.4 of the Code. 

Any comments on the application should be sent to marketoperations@ea.govt.nz by 5pm on Tuesday, 25 June 2019. The application is available on our website.

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Electrix Class B approved test house has closed

Electrix has advised it has closed its Class B approved test house (ATH), effective 6 May 2019. Electrix has already advised all metering equipment providers (MEP) that have used the Electrix Class B approved test house, and it has returned test-house records for each ICP it has certified to the relevant MEP.

Electrix has also advised that its Class A approved test house will continue to operate as normal.

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Current consultations

Quick wins for increasing access to electricity services

We are consulting on proposed steps to make it easier for electricity consumers to share their historical consumption data with organisations they trust. This is part of our Additional Consumer Choice of Electricity Services (ACCES) project which seeks to enable greater consumer uptake of electricity services.

Started: 30/04/2019; Ending: 11/06/2019 5pm


Consultation calendar

Download and view our high-level consultation calendar (PDF)

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