28 May 2019

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John Hancock introduces IPAG and equal-access networks

The Innovation and Participation Advisory Group (IPAG) has investigated how to create equal access on electricity networks. That means networks where anybody can connect and use any equipment they want – including solar, batteries, electric vehicles – to buy or sell electricity services. IPAG has recently provided its advice to the Authority on this.
In these two short video interviews you can hear from the IPAG chairperson John Hancock about the Group’s role and some thoughts on the topic of equal-access networks. (The videos are available on the following page.)

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Call for nominations for Standing Data Formats Group

We are calling for nominations for two metering equipment provider (MEP) members to join the Standing Data Formats Group (SDFG). The SDFG provides independent advice to the Authority on information exchange protocols between:

  • participants and the market operation service providers
  • participants and consumers
  • participants and third-party providers.

The Group is currently advising on the method of transfer of notifications for EIEP5A planned outages and a proposal to mandate one reporting methodology for distributor billing for EIEP1.

There are several new projects in the pipeline, which include considering new standard formats for smart metering data and options for a standard format for MEPs to provide data to traders.
We will appoint the successful nominees in June 2019 for an expected term of three years.
Please use our online form to submit a nomination and accompanying documents. Nominations close at 5pm on Tuesday, 11 June.

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MDAG meeting papers published

We have published the Market Development Advisory Group (MDAG) papers from the meeting on 7 May 2019.
The MDAG spent time identifying barriers and issues currently restricting new generation technology from participating in the wholesale market. The Group also discussed issues around a proposal for addressing trading conduct during critical periods.

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Current consultations

Quick wins for increasing access to electricity services

We are consulting on proposed steps to make it easier for electricity consumers to share their historical consumption data with organisations they trust. This is part of our Additional Consumer Choice of Electricity Services (ACCES) project which seeks to enable greater consumer uptake of electricity services.

Started: 30/04/2019; Ending: 11/06/2019 5pm

Consultation calendar

Download and view our high-level consultation calendar (PDF)

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