You must obtain a consumer’s authorisation to access their consumption data. You need to determine how this authorisation process will work, but you will need to comply with requirements under the Privacy Act 1993.

We have a procedures manual that will also help with any questions you may have.

What information can you request?

You can request a consumer’s last 24 months’ worth of consumption. Their retailer must deliver the most granular data it has used for the consumer.

Consumer’s often have different amounts of data available to them. The most granular data for each consumer could be monthly, daily, half hour, or more granular information (eg, 15 minute interval consumption data). Further information can be found in our procedures document.

If a consumer has switched retailers in the past 24 months, then you will have to apply to all the retailers they have been a customer of, in order to receive all of their consumption data.

How can you request the information?

Once a consumer authorises you to act on their behalf to request consumption data from their retailer, the easiest way to request the consumption data is by transmitting an electronic request.

We have created a file format which you can fill out and use to request the consumption data from retailers. These file formats are called Electricity Information Exchange Protocols (EIEPs).

You will use the form called EIEP 13C to request the consumption data. Retailers use the form called EIEP 13A or B to send back the consumption data.

We encourage you to use the file format EIEP 13C to ensure consistency with requests to retailers. All retailers are familiar with the EIEP file formats. EIEP file formats can be found on the EIEP formats page

Retailers are used to receiving the EIEPs through the registry transfer hub (Hub). To be able to use the Hub, you will need to fill out our application form and agree to our terms and conditions. The application form and terms and conditions can be found below.

Once you have been granted access to the Hub, we encourage you to perform testing in our UAT environment prior to sending files through the production Hub. This will ensure that you have a smooth process for sending off your first EIEP form to a retailer.

For more information about accessing the Hub or testing in the Hub, contact the market operations team at


We also have procedures that must be followed when accessing a consumer’s consumption data. Retailers must follow these procedures and will not release consumption data until the requirements have been met. 

How long will it take to receive the information?

Once the retailer is satisfied that you are authorised to access the consumer’s consumption data, the retailer has five business days to provide the information. This is covered in Part 11 of the Electricity Industry Participation Code 2010 (Code).