What are the requirements to develop a product or service using electricity data?

  • There are no specific requirements or accreditation scheme for those who want to provide energy related services. 
  • In providing energy services you need to comply with existing generic consumer protection legislation and any relevant standards and codes of practice under other legislation.

What is the process to develop a product or service using electricity data?

As there are no specific requirements there is no set process. We expect you could develop a variety of service offerings. Some of the factors to consider are :

  • To provide a service you will need to obtain consumers’ consent to act on their behalf. This will allow you to access the consumers’ consumption data.
  • Being a consumer’s authorised agent will involve handling their information and you will need to take appropriate consideration of the Privacy Act 1993 requirements.
  • You will need to establish your own systems, calculators and tools to compare energy plans.
  • Any financial arrangements such as commissions to be paid for services provided are subject to agreement between you and retailers and/or your customers. 
  • We recommend you clearly state what retail offers are included and excluded from your analysis, and what your commission arrangements are with retailers (if any).

What legislation should I be aware of?