The JDP represents a very full programme of work with some significant investments. Given its complexity and timeframes, reaching out to 2022/23 and beyond, the JDP will be reviewed regularly and may change as our planning assumptions become more certain.

The Authority has reviewed its work programme to ensure that the focus continues to be on priority 1 and priority 2 projects. Projects with priority 3 and above are on hold or pending.

March 2019 Plan update

The JDP linked to below has been revised to reflect a number of planning changes that have occurred since the last annual publication in August 2018. The more significant changes are:

  • The timeframes have been extended for the following projects:
    • Extended reserves implementation
    • Under frequency management inertia
    • Transpower demand response protocol management
    • Review of wind generation offer provisions
    • Instantaneous Reserve event change and cost allocation review
    • Storage technology in the Wholesale Markets
    • Improving the accuracy of spot price forecasts
    • Review of regulatory settings of OCCs
    • Enabling Dispatchable demand – conforming nodes
  • The following projects have been added to the plan:
    • Constrained on ramp payments

The Authority’s 2018/19 work programme and project descriptions

The System Operator’s projects information