EIEP 4 - Customer information

EIEP4 is intended to convey a snap-shot of a trader’s customer base at a specific point in time, so that traders can provide customer information to distributors for purposes as agreed between traders and distributors.

EIEP 5 - Service interruptions

It’s intended that distributors will use EIEP5 to provide information to traders relevant to planned and unplanned service interruptions.

EIEP 6 - Faults services request

Fault and service requests encompass both network fault reporting to distributors, and works service requests to retail service providers (who in many cases are also the distributor). EIEP6 is used between retailers and distributors/retailer service providers for the electronic transfer of service request details to the service provider and vice versa. This protocol has two parts: initiation and status update and closure.

EIEP 7 - General installation status change

Distributors and traders are to use EIEP 7 to provide information on the change in connection status at installations and also to provide detail as to the nature of the status change. The file can also be used to provide information to meter owners.

EIEP 8 - Notification tariff change

EIEP 8 sets out the distributor and trader information exchange protocol for notification of network price category and tariff change. The purpose of this file is for traders and distributors to notify each other when load group and tariff changes occur in accordance with the agreements they have with each other.

EIEP 9 - Customer location change notification

EIEP 9 sets out the distributor and trader information exchange protocols for customer location address change notifications. The purpose of this file is for traders to notify any ICP physical location address changes that may come to the trader’s attention to the distributor so that the registry and distributor's records can be updated if necessary.

EIEP 10 – Network trust rebate

EIEP 10 is no longer in use.

EIEP 11 - New connections

EIEP 11 sets out the distributor and trader information exchange protocol for new connections.

EIEP 14 – Retailer tariff rate notification

EIEP 14 sets out the protocol that a retailer may use when responding to a request from a third party service provider that requests the retailer’s generally available tariff plans.


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