EIEP4 - Customer information

EIEP4 allows traders to provide customer information to distributors, as a snapshot or incremental file. Incremental customer detail changes will result in a “triggered” report to be sent to the distributor.

EIEP5B - Unplanned service interruptions

EIEP5B allows distributors to provide information to traders for unplanned service interruptions.

EIEP6 - Fault notification and service requests

EIEP 6 is comprised of two files which may be used for exchange of information between traders and distributors for network related customer faults, and traders and their field services providers for non-network related customer faults and service requests. They are: 

a) EIEP6A: which may be used by traders for reporting network related customer faults to distributors, and by distributors for communicating status updates and closure to traders
b) EIEP6B: which may be used by traders for reporting non-network related customer faults and service requests to their field services providers (who in some cases may also be the distributor), and by field services providers for communicating status updates and closure information to traders.

EIEP7 - General installation status change

EIEP7 allows traders to provide information to distributors relating to changes in the connection status of installations. The most common application will relate to disconnections and reconnections; however there are other installation changes that may be applied to this file format.

EIEP8 - Price category change

EIEP8 allows:

  • traders to notify distributors of price category changes
  • distributors to reject price category changes notified by a trader where it considers the notified change is invalid.

EIEP9 - ICP physical address change notification

EIEP9 allows:

  • traders to notify distributors of changes to the ICP physical address of installations
  • distributors to review the information and make changes to their connection database and registry if appropriate.

EIEP10 – Network trust rebate

EIEP10 is no longer in use.

EIEP11 - New connection information

EIEP11 allows:

  • traders to request new ICPs or livening of new ICPs from a distributor (or their agent)
  • distributors to advise traders of new ICP creation.

EIEP14 – Retailer tariff rate notification

EIEP14 sets out the protocol that a retailer may use when responding to a request from a third party service provider that requests the retailer’s generally available tariff plans.


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