The requirements for AMI metering installations, back office systems and operations are regulated within Part 10 of the Code.

We consider a metering system to be advanced when it includes, along with the normal metrology or measurement function, both load control and two-way remote communication capability as a minimum.

Smart meters fall under the definition of advanced metering systems. A smart meter is an electronic meter that can record more regular and more accurate electricity consumption information and has two-way remote communications.

Advanced metering guidelines

The advanced metering guidelines are advisory. Although not legally binding they’re intended to assist operators to establish and operate their advanced metering infrastructure to best support their strategic objectives and the benefits they seek.

We believe AMI system designers and metering equipment providers should be allowed to find the best technical and economic means to deliver the outcomes they seek - provided they operate within the regulatory boundaries of the Code.

The guidelines set out recommendations:

  • relating to the functionality of new technology for metering and the supporting infrastructure
  • for industry participants when installing advanced meters for new and existing consumers.

The guidelines should be read in conjunction with Part 10 of the Code and the advanced metering infrastructure policy.

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