As part of being responsible for the regulatory framework of the retail market, we're also responsible for the metering standards and requirements around meters.

Part 10 of the Code sets out metering obligations, such as:

  • the responsibility of industry participants in relation to the provision of metering installations
  • the installation, maintenance and testing of metering installations
  • ensuring a metering installation complies with standards and accuracy as set out in the Code
  • the role of the reconciliation manager in relation to metering inaccuracies
  • the accuracy and security of metering information.

Metering equipment provider Category 1 inspection

Metering equipment providers are required to report the results of their Category 1 inspections to the Authority by 1 April each year under clause 45(8) of schedule 10.7 of the Code.

Metering: General Information

Guidelines, information papers, reminders, and general memos relating to metering

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