Part 10 and Part 15 of the Code set  out the obligations on industry participants in relation to reconciliation standards, dealing with:

  • how reconciliation participants and metering equipment providers must gather, store and provide information about electricity conveyed
  • how reconciliation participants must prepare and provide submission information and, where relevant, dispatchable demand information
  • how the reconciliation manager must allocate volumes of electricity among reconciliation participants
  • how the reconciliation manager must pass information to the clearing manager, for the calculation of invoices
  • the obligations of the reconciliation manager to pass the information to reconciliation participants, the registry and the Authority the requirements for the creation, approval and maintenance of profiles
  • the requirements for audits, auditors, approvals and certifications.

The reconciliation manager facilitates the monthly reconciliation process and is responsible for reconciling metering data against a register of contracts and passing the data to participants.

Reconciliation process - Reconciliation manager.

The clearing manager uses information supplied by the reconciliation manager to generate invoices for the electricity generated or consumed by industry participants, and for any dispatchable demand, during the previous month.

Spot prices - Clearing manager


Network supply point table

An network supply point (NSP) is a composite identifier made up of the network participant identifier and the point of connection code. They are used to reference information to grid connection points for reconciliation purposes.

All valid network supply point identifier combinations are maintained by the reconciliation manager.

Network supply point table

This table provides the start and end dates of NSPs as well as, in the case of an embedded network, the point of connection to the grid.

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