The Code requires retailers to provide consumption and tariff information to authorised parties.

Retailers must provide:

  • consumers, or a consumer’s authorised agent (agent), with their electricity consumption data
  • generally available retail tariff plans to any person upon request.

Consumers’ connection data, held in the registry, is also publicly available. Having access to connection data will enable consumers or their agents to identify retailers’ tariff plans that are applicable to a given connection.

Access to consumption information

This is a consumer focused initiative intended to promote retail competition by making it easier for consumers to use their consumption data to make more informed decisions about their retailer and retail tariff options. This initiative was part of a programme of work called the Retail Data Project. 

In order to implement this initiative, the Authority has:

  • developed three electricity information exchange protocol (EIEP) formats (13A, 13B, 13C) to enable the data to be exchanged in a standardised format. 
  • developed a procedures document to support the standardised exchange of data, 
  • opened up the use of the registry transfer hub to agents 

The EIEP formats and the procedures document are regulated under the Code and came into effect on 1 February 2016. As part of our Additional consumer choice of electricity services (ACCES) project, amendments to these documents will come into effect on 1 March 2020. 

The EIEP documents can be found on the EIEP page.

Electricity Information exchange protocols (EIEPs) 

The procedures document can be found below 

A list of current non participant identifiers can be located on sheet 2 of the participant identifiers list.

Access to tariff information

Clause 11.32G of the Code requires retailers to make available their current generally available retail tariffs to any requesting person within 5 business days.

If the person requests the information in a format other than what the retailer would normally provide, the retailer can impose a reasonable charge.

In order to support the standardised exchange of data, the Authority has developed electricity information exchange protocol (EIEP14), a voluntary format that retailers can use when providing tariff information. The voluntary format is available on the EIEP webpage

As part of the implementation of this initiative we published a list of frequently asked questions, implementation memos and the EIEP test files

For any questions or queries relating to Code obligations please email

More information for agents on how they can access this information is available on the provide a service with electricity data page.