Determining who owns, and who is responsible for maintaining, a customer service line is often problematic, and must be considered on a case by case basis as there is no legislation that comprehensively addresses ownership, or responsibility for maintenance, of customer service lines.

The ownership and maintenance of customer service lines information paper:

  • explains that in many (but not all) cases, the part of a customer service line used exclusively to supply an end consumer and located on the end consumer's private property will be owned by the end consumer. This means that the end consumer will be responsible for maintaining that part of the customer service line
  • provides information which may be helpful in determining who owns and/or who may be responsible for maintaining a particular line in cases where the line crosses or is fixed to properties owned by third parties, or is used to supply electricity to other properties before reaching the end consumer

suggests ways to prevent future disagreements by encouraging all parties to ensure that ownership is clearly agreed and documented for future reference, including prior to any property purchase.