Interconnection rules

Interconnection generally refers to the main grid network, except those parts of the grid specifically required for the connection of a transmission customer. The performance of interconnection assets is of interest to transmission customers as these assets enable the operation of the grid as a whole.

The interconnection rules are set out within the Code and referenced in transmission agreements. These rules are often referred to as the interconnection asset services in the Code.

Grid management - Interconnection asset capability

Connection code

The connection code sets out the technical requirements and standards in order for designated transmission customers to connect to the grid, and that Transpower must comply with. The code is referenced in the transmission agreement. The code is prepared by Transpower, and approved by us.

The outage protocol

The outage protocol specifies the circumstances in which Transpower may temporarily remove or reduce the capacity of any grid assets which are otherwise required to be provided under the transmission agreement and interconnection rules.

It also has procedures and policies for Transpower to plan for and carry out outages, and the management of unplanned outages on the grid.

Grid management - Outage protocol


If there’s a dispute between Transpower and its transmission customers regarding aspects of the transmission agreements which is not resolved within a reasonable time, either party can refer the matter to the rulings panel which has discretion to determine the dispute.

Code and Compliance - Rulings panel