Participants must disclose this information using the electricity hedge contracts website.

The disclosure of hedge contract information system allows interested parties to view and compare hedge contract details and produce historic contract curves to better assess the competitiveness of the hedge contract market. Parties in the process of entering into a hedge contract can view details of historic contracts which may assist them when negotiating their own contracts.

New Zealand electricity hedge contracts website

Treatment of commercially sensitive information

For the purposes of disclosing hedges, New Zealand is divided into five zones.

To make disclosures anonymous and eliminate any commercial sensitivity around an individual hedge price, each individual hedge price is adjusted with a location factor and then entered into the website as if it was assigned to a representative node in each zone.

The location-adjusted pricing of each hedge is publicly available on the website, but not the names of the parties to the hedge. The actual price for each individual hedge is not entered into the website.

Annual certificate requirements

Industry participants who are required to disclose information must also fill out an annual certificate, available on the electricity hedge contracts website, to certify they have disclosed the information accurately.

Hedge declaration certificates due 30th June 2019

Every participant who submitted hedge information in the previous year (1 April 2018 – 31 March 2019) must submit a declaration certificate to the Authority by Sunday, 30 June 2019. The requirements for these certificates are contained in clause 13.230 of the Code.

Please submit the declaration certificate on company letterhead using the Hedge Disclosure Declaration form to