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Consultation open: Code review programme

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The Electricity Authority is consulting on a set of changes to the Electricity Industry Participation Code 2010 (Code) to support the efficient operation of the electricity system.

We invite your feedback on 23 proposed changes to the Code as part of our Code review programme. We regularly review the Code to improve its clarity and keep it up to date as New Zealand’s electricity system evolves.

Please read the consultation paper and have your say. We look forward to receiving your submissions via our Information Provision platform by 5pm on Tuesday 10 October 2023.

We will carefully consider all views before making our final decisions this year.

How to make a submission

For this consultation, we’ve made it quick and easy for you to make a submission through our Information Provision platform.

In the Information Provision platform, you can draft your submission, save progress as you go, review, and approve according to your own processes, before submitting the final version. Once submitted, a copy of your submission will be emailed to you as confirmation of receipt.

If you don’t have a login, go to the Information Provision platform, press ‘Respond’ next to the consultation and register.

If you need to be added to your organisation’s login, please contact your ‘Administrative Contact’ for the Electricity Authority’s Participant register.

Your feedback

This is the first time we have used the Information Provision Platform for submissions. We welcome your feedback on the submission process to and may contact you about your experience.

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