Market operation service providers

We contract a range of market operation service providers to operate the electricity markets efficiently and facilitate market development.

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Clearing manager

The clearing manager ensures that industry participants pay or are paid the correct amount for the electricity they generate, or consume, and for market-related costs.

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FTR manager

The financial transmission rights manager creates and allocates financial transmission rights.

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Reconciliation manager

The reconciliation manager ensures that industry participants are allocated their correct share of electricity generation or consumption.

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Registry manager

The registry manager oversees the Electricity registry. It's a national database for industry participants of every point of connection on local and embedded networks to which a consumer or embedded generator is connected.

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System operator

The system operator co-ordinates electricity supply and demand in real time, in a manner that avoids fluctuations in frequency and disruption of supply.

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WITS manager

The wholesale information system manager runs the wholesale information and trading system used for the 24/7 buying and selling of wholesale market electricity.

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