Reconciliation manager

The reconciliation manager ensures that industry participants are allocated their correct share of electricity generation or consumption.

About the reconciliation manager

The reconciliation manager receives and processes large quantities of electricity meter data on a monthly basis. They are responsible for reconciling this data against all quantities of electricity delivered to purchasers and all quantities of electricity supplied by generators. They scale, calculate and allocate unaccounted for electricity.

The reconciliation manager also processes the information for the clearing manager. They use this information to credit generators for electricity generated and to invoice electricity purchasers.

Why is this role important?

Electricity is constantly transported over the national grid, but the sources of electricity generation change many times over the course of a day. The reconciliation process involves detailed analysis to process and correct data for inaccuracies. This information supports monthly spot market settlement.

Who is the reconciliation manager?

The Electricity Authority has contracted NZX as the reconciliation manager. 

Reconciliation portal

For industry participants to upload submission files, access the latest reports and more.

Monthly reports

Information on the reconciliation manager function is available via monthly reports. The reports include monthly electricity volumes, volumes traded, monthly demand and generation relative to previous years.

Service provider agreements

The service provider agreements set out the functions and processes that the reconciliation manager must perform.