Your power

Empowering you to make energy choices.

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Your power

Take control of your power

Find out what makes up your power bill, the different types of charges, and how to save energy and money.

Your power bill

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How it works

How electricity gets to your house

Learn about the Aotearoa's electricity system and how power is transported from power stations through the national grid to your home.

How electricity works

Your energy use

Find out about energy efficiency in your home, how to get the best power deal and your rights as an electricity customer.

Ways to save energy

By making small changes to your home and your household appliances, you can save power and save money.

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What to expect from your power company

We all need safe, reliable, well-priced electricity delivered into our home. Find out your rights as an electricity customer.

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Switch power companies

It's quick and easy to switch power companies and you could save money. Make sure you're on the right plan for your needs.

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Make a complaint about your power company

Find out how to complain to your power company and what to do if they don't resolve a complaint to your satisfaction.

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Switch and save

Powerswitch is a free, independent energy price-comparison service, part-funded by the Electricity Authority.
Compare plans and see if you can save