Our projects

We're working with the sector on projects to ensure Aotearoa's low-emissions transition happens efficiently, while providing a reliable, secure and resilient electricity supply.

Code amendment omnibus

Consulting on amendments to the Electricity Industry Participation Code.

Code review programme

Code review programmes address various themes or issues that arise in the Code.

Commercial market making

Making the electricity futures market more efficient.

Consumer Care Guidelines

Developing new Consumer Care Guidelines for retailers to better serve consumers.

Default distributor agreements

Implementing default distributor agreements over use-of-system agreements to improve contracts between distributors and traders.

Distribution pricing

How to speed up distribution pricing reform to realise consumer benefits and facilitate an efficient low-emissions transition.

Distributor involvement in flexibility services market

Developing guidance to support a competitive flexibility services market for more efficient and cost-effective use of the distribution network.

Future security and resilience

Ensuring our electricity system remains secure and resilient for New Zealand's low-emissions energy transition.

Improving consumer choice

Supporting consumer information, comparison and switching initiatives.

Improving retail market monitoring

Improving how we monitor the retail market.

Improving the accuracy of intermittent generation forecasts

Improving the accuracy and frequency of intermittent generation forecasts in the spot market.

Improving visibility of generation investment

Improving information on investments in new generation connecting to the transmission and distribution network.