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Purposeful engagement is our priority

Your ideas, opinions and information are essential to our work - helping ensure it is well informed and relevant. Every day, across all levels, we actively engage with people who have a vested interest in what we do and the decisions we make. We treat these relationships seriously - the quality of these relationships determine how we improve market design and performance and how we improve outcomes for electricity consumers.

Before we develop our plans and make decisions about the sector, we consult with stakeholders. Effective engagement means we are exposed to all points of view, we get the best available information, and we understand different perspectives to be able to make robust decisions. It helps you build trust in us and in the decisions we make to improve the regulatory regime and processes.

Have your say in our consultations - we'd love to hear your views.

Assessing our performance

We commission independent stakeholder reviews to inform and improve how we work. This research includes in-depth interviews with a range of senior-level stakeholders, as well as field work.

We also commission independent industry and consumer perception surveys, which are published with our Annual Report each year.

2022 Stakeholder perception review

We would like to thank all those who provided feedback in our 2022 Stakeholder perception survey. The results identified opportunities for us to grow our communication and engagement with stakeholders and consumers. It also highlighted a number of areas of improvement since our 2018 survey.

In 2022, stakeholders identified five key themes for us to address in line with our strategic ambitions:

  • provide greater regulatory certainty
  • build capability and capacity
  • strong future focus
  • greater collaboration with the industry
  • increased pragmatism.

We are working through a number of actions to address the feedback received. This includes:

  • updating our stakeholder engagement and consultation guidance and toolkits, and staff training
  • seeking to build capability through the 2022/23 levy consultation
  • communicating more clearly each step of our policy process
  • communicating more clearly our strategy for the sector
  • increasing our participation in sector events
  • demonstrating more clearly how we are delivering against our strategic objective.

Read the full results of the review below.

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