Code and compliance

We educate, monitor and enforce compliance with electricity industry regulations and the Code, so that industry participants operate on a level playing field and consumers are treated fairly.


The Act, Regulations and Code

Electricity industry participants are required by law to comply with the Electricity Industry Act 2010, its Regulations and the Electricity Industry Participation Code 2010.

About the Act, Regulations and Code

Electricity Industry Participation Code

Registration and compliance tools

Use these resources to register as a participant in the electricity industry, report and track breaches, learn from case studies and find best practice industry guidelines.

  • Participant register

    It's a legal requirement for every industry participant to register. Apply for registration and a participant identifier here.

    Learn more
  • Compliance portal

    Use this portal to report an alleged breach, view breach reports and decisions.

  • Case studies

    Learn about common industry compliance issues. Understand the lessons learned to help improve your own policies and practices.

    Case studies
  • Industry guidelines

    Electricity regulation is complex and technical. Find industry-specific best practice guidance here.

  • Trading conduct reports

    Learn what's happening in the wholesale market and see if any trading periods have been highlighted for further analysis.

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Our powers and approach to compliance

We monitor the electricity market closely to ensure compliance, so that industry participants operate on a level playing field and consumers are treated fairly. We aim for our approach to compliance and enforcement to be transparent to achieve consistent, fair and timely outcomes.

Our compliance policies, strategy and framework

Our approach to non‑compliance

Compliance question?

Electricity sector legislation is complex. Contact us for support with your compliance queries.