Registry manager

The registry manager oversees the Electricity registry - a national database of every point of connection on local and embedded networks to which a consumer or embedded generator is connected.

About the registry manager

The registry manager is responsible for the Electricity registry, which includes the:

  • maintenance and validation of installation control point (ICP) information, both current and historical, via online and batch functions
  • notification facility that advises all affected participants of changes made to ICP information
  • delivery mechanism for the switching protocols
  • provision of ICP look-up facilities to authorised participants, both online and in batch mode
  • provision of compliance reporting.

The registry manager performs monthly software maintenance reviews to ensure that registry user issues are addressed and resolved in a timely manner.

Why is this role important?

The registry manager meets the obligations set out in Part 11 of the Electricity Industry Participation Code. This includes the management of information held by the Electricity registry and the process for switching customers between retailers, metering equipment providers and distributors.

Who is the registry manager?

The Electricity Authority has contracted Jade Software Corporation Limited as the registry manager.

How to access the registry

The Electricity Authority can grant access to the registry to:

  • participants for the purposes of fulfilling their Code obligations - traders, distributors, metering equipment providers and the reconciliation manager
  • non-participants who require access to the registry for regulatory, law enforcement or investigation purposes
  • electricity industry regulator access.

Read our access policy below and request access via email to A user manual is available to download from the Electricity registry login page.

Monthly reports

The registry manager monthly reports include information on incidents, data fixes and enhancements, service disruptions and database growth. There is also a maintenance report on software updates to the Electricity registry.

Service provider agreements

The service provider agreements set out the functions and processes that the registry manager must perform.

The registry manager functional specification is available on the Electricity registry under downloads.