Code and compliance

Electricity Industry Participation Code 2010

As the regulator of New Zealand’s electricity industry, we make and administer the Electricity Industry Participation Code 2010 (Code). It's the set of rules that governs nearly every aspect of the New Zealand electricity industry.

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What is the Code and who is it for?

The Electricity Industry Participation Code 2010 sets out the duties and responsibilities for all industry participants. All participants are required by law to comply with the Code.

About the Code

Propose a Code amendment

Need an exemption or dispensation?

What is a Code breach?

Registration and compliance tools

We have several tools available to help you understand how to comply with electricity regulation and how to avoid common compliance issues.

  • Participant register

    A register of all participants in New Zealand's electricity industry. Apply to become a participant and get a participant identifier here.

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  • Compliance portal

    Use this portal to report an alleged breach, view breach reports and decisions.

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  • Industry guidelines

    Electricity regulation is complex and technical. Find useful industry-specific guidance here.

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  • Case studies

    Learn about common compliance issues and lessons learned in these case studies.

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