Industry guidelines

Electricity industry legislation is complex and technical. We have best practice industry guidelines to support industry participants to understand and meet their obligations. These guidelines should be read in conjunction with the Code.

Industry Type Title & Description PDF
Metering equipment provider
Advanced metering infrastructure

Guidance on introducing new technology for metering and the supporting infrastructure. Also, participants’ obligations when new meters are installed for new and existing consumers.

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30 pages
Metering equipment provider
Advanced metering policy

The strategic drivers and policy areas the Electricity Authority has identified as critically important to the successful introduction of AMI systems in New Zealand.

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24 pages
Distributor,     Metering equipment provider,     Test house,     Trader
Approval of auditors

The approval, management and removal process of auditors as per Parts 10, 11 and 15 of the Code.

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17 pages
Approved profiles

List of approved profile codes for classifying electricity consumers with similar consumption patterns.

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21 pages
Distributor,     Generator,     Metering equipment provider,     Retailer
Approved systems

How participants need to make information available using the 'approved system', including backup procedures, and which Part 13 provisions of the Code they apply to.

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10 pages
Test house
Approved test house audits

Includes what approved test houses and auditors should do when carrying out audits under the Code and the obligations of approved test houses under the Code.

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49 pages
Metering equipment provider,     Retailer
Calculation and use of loss factors for reconciliation purposes

Guidelines to encourage consistency in the calculation methodology and processes surrounding distribution loss factors. Includes a methodology for calculating reconciliation loss factors and an annual loss factor report.

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33 pages
Distributor,     Metering equipment provider,     Retailer,     Trader
Connection and electrical connection

An operational view of the processes for connecting and electrically connecting network supply points and installation control points. Also, best practice for new ICP connections.

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42 pages
Distributor,     Generator
Connection charges on distributed generators

An anonymised version of a determination of connection charges payable by a distributed generator to a distributor under clause 4 of Schedule 6.3 of the Code.

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30 pages
Distributor,     Generator
Connection of distributed generation to a local network

Information on the connection of distributed generation greater than 10 kW to distribution networks.

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22 pages
Distributor,     Generator
Connection of small scale distributed generation to a local network

Guidance to understand and apply the requirements of Part 6 of the Code on small-scale distributed generation with a maximum capacity of 10 kW.

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23 pages
Distributor,     Trader
Consulting on distributor tariff structure changes

Guidance on the scope, approach and process of consultation required by Clause 12A.7 of the Code regarding tariff structure changes proposed by distributors.

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12 pages