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Electricity Authority approves Meridian clearance application

The Electricity Authority has today approved a clearance application relating to a new demand response agreement between Meridian Energy and New Zealand’s Alum…

Electricity Authority notes decision on Code breaches by retailer

The Electricity Authority has noted a Rulings Panel decision published today which found electricity retailer Ecotricity breached the Electricity Industry Part…

FTR market operating broadly as intended

Today the Electricity Authority published a decision paper about whether the market settings are fit-for-purpose in the financial transmission rights (FTR) mar…

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Settlement residual allocation methodology

How the settlement residue is allocated amongst transmission customers, as prescribed in the Code.

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Code review programme

Code review programmes address various themes or issues that arise in the Code.

Commercial market making

Making the electricity futures market more efficient.


Setting and enforcing the Code

We set the Electricity Industry Participation Code 2010 - it's the rules that governs nearly every aspect of New Zealand's electricity industry.

It's each industry participant’s responsibility to comply with industry regulations and the Code, but we're here to support and advise.

We monitor and enforce the rules so that participants operate on a level playing field and consumers are treated fairly.

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