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Unlocking the potential for batteries to contribute to security of supply

As New Zealand electrifies, more grid-scale batteries will maximise the benefits of renewable energy and provide extra resilience during times of tight electri…

Past and future spot market volatility

Half-hourly electricity spot prices reflect the underlying conditions in the electricity market. This article explains what’s behind the emerging spot market v…

Sign up for the Industry Exercise 2024

The Industry Exercise 2024 is less than a month away. Thanks to all who have expressed an interest in participating so far. We now have exercise briefing dates…

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Future security and resilience

Ensuring our electricity system remains secure and resilient for New Zealand's low-emissions energy transition.

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Code amendment omnibus

Consulting on amendments to the Electricity Industry Participation Code.

Code review programme

Code review programmes address various themes or issues that arise in the Code.


Setting and enforcing the Code

We set the Electricity Industry Participation Code 2010 - it's the rules that governs nearly every aspect of New Zealand's electricity industry.

It's each industry participant’s responsibility to comply with industry regulations and the Code, but we're here to support and advise.

We monitor and enforce the rules so that participants operate on a level playing field and consumers are treated fairly.

About the Code

Did you know we publish weekly trading conduct reports?

You can learn what happened in the wholesale market and see if any trading periods have been highlighted for further analysis.