New industry participants

We work to minimise barriers to new participants in the market to help promote competition and achieve better outcomes for consumers. Here you can find out how to become an industry participant.

About participating

The electricity market is complex with risks, liabilities and in depth legislative requirements. If you are considering participating in the electricity industry, contact

Our compliance team will outline your compliance obligations. You should also seek your own independent legal advice on the risks, liabilities and legislative requirements of registering as a participant.

Registration information

All participants in the electricity industry have a statutory obligation to register on our Participant register except two classes of industry participant. Find out more:

Who is an industry participant?

There are lots of different participants in the electricity industry – from generators to distributors, line owners, load aggregators, ancillary service agents, metering equipment providers and owners.

See list of industry participants (Section 7 of the Act)

The definition of each industry participant type is broad – you may be a participant without realising it.

See definitions of industry participants (Section 5 of the Act)

Who is exempt from registering?

The following two classes of industry participants are exempt from having to register:

  • owners of distributed generation with less than 100 kWh of nameplate capacity connected to a distribution network
  • metering equipment owners who are consumers of electricity at the ICP and who own metering equipment only for the purpose of measuring electricity at the ICP.

View Electricity (Exemptions from Registration) Regulations 2022.

How to register?

To become an industry participant, you can apply online for free registration on our Participant register. It's a register of all participants in New Zealand's electricity industry.

Who needs to register?

All industry participants have a statutory obligation to register and keep their details up to date on our Participant register.

See registration and requirement to update information (Section 29 of the Act)

If a participant fails to register or keep their information up to date, this could be an offence that is liable on conviction to a fine.

See offences relating to registration (Section 31 of the Act)

What is a participant identifier?

A participant identifier is required to access electricity market systems and trade in the market.

Industry participants, government agencies and third-party providers can apply for an identifier on our Participant register.

What does it cost?

It's free to register as an industry participant and free to apply for a participant identifier.

All industry participants who perform market-related activities must pay a levy by law.

View the Electricity (Levy of Industry Participants) Regulations 2010

Participant register

Register as a participant in the electricity industry and apply for an identifier.