FTR manager

The financial transmission rights (FTR) manager creates and allocates financial transmission rights.

About the FTR manager

The FTR manager is responsible for:

  • creating inter-island and intra-island FTRs
  • allocating FTRs to industry participants via regular auctions
  • managing the FTR register, in which all FTR holdings are publicly listed
  • registering parties who wish to participate in FTR auctions
  • undertaking other activities associated with operating, promoting and developing the FTR market.

Who is the FTR manager?

The Electricity Authority contract Energy Market Services, a division of Transpower, as the FTR manager.

Monthly reports

Detailed information on the FTR function is available via the below monthly reports. The reports include the number of FTR participants, latest clearing and settlement prices, FTR auction results and more.

Service provider agreements

The service provider agreements set out the range of functions and processes that the FTR manager must perform.