Our strategy and priorities

We're working with the sector to enable decarbonisation, electrify the economy and achieve a net zero carbon future.

Our strategic ambitions

Our strategic ambitions are agreed with the sector. They're ambitious to match the fast pace of change in the sector and help innovation flourish:

  • We want consumer centricity to guide regulation and the industry
  • We want low-emissions energy to electrify the economy
  • We want to build trust and confidence in the industry for all stakeholders
  • We want to see thriving competition delivering better outcomes for New Zealanders
  • We want to see innovation flourishing.

See our Statement of Intent 2021/25 for how we will achieve our strategic ambitions and our Annual Corporate Plan 2023/24 for our work programme for the year ahead.

Our vision

Our vision is to be a world-class electricity regulator, delivering long-term benefits for consumers and contributing to the New Zealand economy.

Our priorities

New Zealand has committed to transition to net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Electricity will have a key role to play in achieving this climate ambition. Aotearoa will require large quantities of new renewable electricity generation, increased use of distributed energy resources, new ways to participate and more participants. It will change the dynamics of the electricity system and markets.

It's our priority to ensure that the low-emissions transition is as efficient as possible while maintaining energy security, system adaptability, and affordability for all New Zealanders. Our priorities are:

  • System security and resilience – Making sure market rules enable innovation and investment in generation while ensuring a reliable electricity system.

  • Enabling investment and innovation – Promoting investment and supporting the uptake of new technologies for more dynamic management of the power system.

  • Consumer protection – Improving protections for consumers and small businesses, improving how we monitor the retail market and the conduct of retailers.

  • Monitoring, compliance, education and enforcement – Promoting a stable regulatory environment by strengthening our compliance activities and improving data disclosure to support decision making.

  • Building trust and confidence – Improving our capability and capacity to deliver a stable investment framework and regulatory environment to enable effective decision making that benefits consumers.

Powering the future

We're working with the energy sector to achieve Aotearoa’s commitment of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.
Our renewable energy work