Wholesale information and trading system

The wholesale information and trading system (WITS) is where industry participants buy and sell wholesale electricity. WITS also provides pricing, scheduling and other market data.

About WITS

The wholesale information and trading system (WITS) is critical to the efficient operation of New Zealand's wholesale electricity market. It's a 24/7 online platform for receiving and publishing information between industry participants in the wholesale electricity market. This is how the system works:

  • Purchasers and generators must send their bids and offers for energy and reserves to WITS. The bids and offers are validated and sent to the system operator for use in the scheduling and dispatch process.
  • When the electricity prices (forecast and dispatch prices) and quantities have been calculated, the system operator sends these back to WITS to be published.
  • The clearing manager sends interim and final prices to WITS for publication to the market.

WITS also has to send compliance information to the Electricity Authority to help us monitor the market. 

For more information, see Part 13 of the Code for WITS processes and requirements.

Who manages WITS

The Electricity Authority contracts NZX as the WITS manager.

You can find out more about the WITS manager's role and responsibilities, and access monthly reports by clicking the button below.

Information for industry participants

The WITS website has publicly available prices and information.

Industry participants need trader access to WITS to submit bids and offers for physical supply. To apply for access, complete and return the following application form.

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