The electricity industry is large, complex and technical. Here you can learn about how different parts of the sector operate and interact to bring electricity to you across New Zealand.

How the electricity industry works

New participant?

Find out how to register and participate in the electricity industry.

Industry information

Learn about how different parts of New Zealand's electricity sector operate, our responsibilities as the regulator and industry participants' obligations.

Wholesale market

Electricity is bought and sold on the wholesale or spot market.

We work to ensure the wholesale market is efficient, reliable and competitive by developing the policy, systems and rules for the buying and selling of wholesale electricity.

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Distribution companies provide and maintain the power lines that carry electricity from the grid to your home or business.

We oversee distributors' interactions with other industry participants and the parts of their operation that have obligations under the Code.

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Electricity is transported across New Zealand through the grid to local substations and then to homes and businesses.

We determine transmission pricing policy and grid reliability standards.

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Retail market

Retailers sell electricity to residential and business customers.

We oversee the retailer processes that deal with accuracy of metering, meter reading and customer switching. We also work to minimise the barriers to entry for new retailers.

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Tools and resources for industry

Use these tools to register and operate as an industry participant, manage your compliance and access data and financial resources.

  • Participant register

    A register of all participants in New Zealand's electricity industry. Use this register to apply to become an industry participant and for a participant identifier.

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  • Electricity registry

    For industry participants to manage reconciliation, invoicing and consumer switching processes. It holds information on all the installation connection points in New Zealand.

  • Your meter

    Finds all of the information on home and business connections on the electricity network.

    Your meter
  • Compliance portal

    Use this portal to report an alleged breach, view breach reports and decisions.

  • Information provision platform

    Use this application to view and respond to information and data requests from the Electricity Authority

  • Trading conduct reports

    Learn what's happening in the wholesale market and see if any trading periods have been highlighted for further analysis.

  • Industry guidelines

    Electricity regulation is complex and technical. Find industry-specific best practice guidance here.

  • Consumer data

    Developing a new product or service? Learn how to access connection, consumption and tariff data.

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Operating the market

Did you know we publish weekly trading conduct reports?

You can learn what happened in the wholesale market and see if any trading periods have been highlighted for further analysis.

Eye on electricity

Learn how parts of the electricity sector operate in our 'Eye on electricity' articles. We regularly share information on what's happening in the industry and why.
Eye on electricity