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TPM amendments implemented

  • Transmission
  • Prices

We’ve implemented two Code amendments for the Transmission Pricing Methodology (TPM). We’ve now implemented minor TPM amendments including:

  • minor corrections to the TPM such as correcting typographical errors
  • clarifying the continuing benefit-based investment mechanism for low value and anticipatory benefit-based investments
  • correcting the Appendix A calculation of Appendix A benefit-based investment allocations for new customers and
  • correcting the funded asset component of the funded rebate mechanism for connection charges.

In addition, we have amended the Code to ensure the TPM can be improved and amended in a broader capacity to ensure beneficial outcomes for consumers. We have also introduced a Code provision to enable data-sharing between the Authority and Transpower, to enable Transpower to more efficiently undertake TPM-related calculations.

We consulted on both these amendments in early 2024; we received no submissions on our minor TPM amendments consultation, and one submission on the clarification to amend the TPM and data sharing consultation.

Read our decision paper on minor amendments and our paper on how we can further amend the TPM.

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