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Webinar: use of ‘discretionary demand’ control

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Following our November consultation on Driving efficient solutions to promote consumer interests through winter 2023, we are hosting a webinar on Option E – clarify use of ‘discretionary demand’ control.

This option would require distributors to provide information to the system operator on the level of discretionary demand control available to the system operator under a grid emergency. The preferred method of signalling this availability would be through a wholesale market mechanism that provides a price signal to participants that other resources may be required to avoid the use of discretionary demand management. These resources could include voluntary or contracted demand management or the submission of additional generation offers in the market.

The webinar will run from 11–11.30am on Thursday 13 April 2023 and will provide participants with an overview of the current design ahead of a decision being made on Option E in late April.

To receive the webinar link, please email with the subject “discretionary demand control webinar".

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