Dispatchable load purchaser audits

Dispatchable load purchasers are required to obtain and maintain certification in order to offer dispatchable load into the electricity market.

Dispatchable load purchasers

A dispatchable load purchaser submits bids and responds to dispatch instructions at a dispatch capable load station.

Dispatchable load purchasers must submit metering information on a daily basis to the grid owner for their dispatch capable load stations and on a monthly basis to the reconciliation manager.

About the dispatchable load purchaser audit

Dispatchable load purchasers are required to submit audits annually and include checking processes around:

  • gathering and storing raw meter data
  • creation and management of volume information, including validating, estimating, storing, correcting, and archiving
  • submission of information to the grid owner and reconciliation manager.

See the following guidelines for dispatchable load purchaser audits and inherent risk register.

Register of certified dispatchable load purchasers and next audit dates

We keep a register of approved organisations that can carry out the functions of a certified dispatchable load purchaser. The register includes the due dates for their next audits.

Audit reports

We publish all dispatchable load purchaser audit reports: