Certified reconciliation participant audits

Reconciliation participants are required to obtain and maintain certification if they perform certain functions defined in the Code.

Certified reconciliation audits

Reconciliation participants that may require certification include:

  • retailers
  • people who buy or sell electricity to or from the clearing manager (except grid direct consumers)
  • generators, including embedded generators
  • network owners, including embedded networks
  • grid owners.

What the certified reconciliation participant audit covers

The audit includes checking processes around:

  • maintaining Electricity registry information and performing customer and embedded generator switching
  • gathering and storing raw meter data
  • creation and management of volume information, including validating, estimating, storing, correcting and archiving.

Read our guidelines for reconciliation participant audits and see the inherent risk register.

Register of certified reconciliation participants and next audit dates

We keep a register of approved organisations that can carry out the functions of a certified reconciliation participant, as per Part 15 of the Code. The register includes the due dates for their next audits.

Audit reports and compliance plans

We publish all reconciliation participant audit reports and compliance plans.