Profile audits

Consumption profiling is a method of allocating electricity consumption to half-hour periods.

Consumption profile requirements

Profiling electricity allows retailers to reconcile predictable electricity use without a meter. The ability of competing retailers to develop and maintain their own profiles improves competition in the retail market.

We randomly audit profile owners. Any industry participant may request a selective audit of any other industry participant’s compliance under the Code and the application and use of any profiles. If you would like to request an audit, please contact

What profile audits cover

Profile audits cover the:

  • documents detailing the methodology of the profile
  • application of dynamic and estimated elements of the profile
  • profile population list.

See the following guidelines.

Our role

It's our responsibility to:

  • either approve or reject new profiles
  • audit profiles used in the reconciliation process in accordance with Schedule 15.5 of the Code
  • review the structure of every approved profile at least every three years. Each review must determine whether:
    • the criteria for profile definition are still appropriate, and
    • if applicable, the existing sample be presented.

Industry guidelines

Electricity sector legislation is complex and technical. See our guidance on industry‑specific best practice.