Distributor audits

Electricity distributors (local and embedded networks) must be regularly audited.

Distributors requirements

Distributors are required to create and maintain information in the Electricity registry under Part 11 of the Code. This includes information about the:

  • creation of identifiers for installation control points (ICPs)
  • provision and maintenance of ICP information to the registry
  • creation and maintenance of loss factors and price category codes
  • notification of network supply points to the reconciliation manager.

What distributor audits cover

The reconciliation process allocates physical volumes of electricity in order to credit electricity sellers (for example, generators) and invoice industry participants who consume the electricity (for example retailers).

Distributor audits check that the Electricity registry has correct and timely records, so that switching and reconciliation processes are accurate. See the following guidelines for distributor audits and an inherent risk register.

Register of distributor audit dates

We publish a register of distributors that have submitted an audit and the due dates of their next audits.

Audit reports and compliance plans

We publish all distributor audit and compliance reports.