Distributed unmetered load audits

Reconciliation participants that trade a distributed unmetered load must submit audits and compliance plans annually for each of their distributed unmetered load databases.

Distributed unmetered load

A distributed unmetered load (DUML) is an unmetered load:

  • with a single profile
  • with a single customer
  • across more than one point of connection.

The most common form of distributed unmetered load is streetlights.

What the distributed unmetered load audit covers

DUML participants must submit an annual audit report and compliance plan for each of their DUML database(s). The audit includes checking that the:

  • database contains all of the required information
  • information recorded in the database is complete and accurate
  • volume information for the DUML is being calculated accurately 
  • DUML profiles have been correctly applied.

Read the following guidelines and use the auditing tool.

Register of approved DUMLs and next audit dates

We keep a register of approved organisations that can carry out the functions of a DUML. The register includes the due dates for their next audits.

Audit and compliance reports

We publish all the DUML audit and compliance reports.




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