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Changes to Part 6A of the Code effective 1 June

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We've updated Part 6A of the Electricity Participation Industry Code, which covers the separation of distribution and certain generation and retailing. The amendments, which were made as part of Code amendment omnibus #2, clarify that all generation technologies are included in Part 6A. This will keep Part 6A up to date as more generation technologies evolve and come into play. The amendments also update and clarify the scope and effect of Part 6A obligations.

To coincide with these changes coming into effect, we have updated and republished our Guidelines on Part 3 of the Act and Part 6A of the Code. The Guidelines summarise the key rules and explain the Electricity Authority’s responsibilities.

We have also updated the prescribed forms for making information disclosures to the Authority under Part 6A. These are available on our website under Complying with Part 3 of the Act and Part 6A of the Code.

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