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Code amendment omnibus #3 consultation

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We have released an omnibus consultation paper seeking feedback on two discrete amendments to the Electricity Industry Participation Code 2010:

  1. Inflation adjustment of the prescribed maximum fees for distributed generation applications (Part 6 of the Code)
  2. Expanding the registry to include more detail on the distributed generation installed at an ICP (Part 11 of the Code)

Our proposal is to adjust the maximum prescribed fee level for distributed generation (DG) connections to benefit consumers looking to invest in their own energy resources.

We anticipate an increase in the number of DG installations in the future, with more electrification and wider adoption of consumer-based energy resources. This is likely to put pressure on distributors who are tasked with facilitating DG connections to the network. Increasing the maximum prescribed fee level will ensure that distributors can adequately resource themselves to enable efficient and timely installations of DG, which ensures consumers can get the most benefit from these DG installations.

We are also proposing to require more information about DG installations in the registry to provide distributors more visibility of what DG is present at an installation control point. This will enable distributors to more effectively roll-out distributed generation in a timely manner. This should also empower consumers to take advantage of DG and encourage further uptake in DG, as there are likely to be fewer barriers to investment with increased information visibility.

We welcome feedback on any or all proposals in the Code amendment omnibus three consultation paper by Tuesday 4 June 2024.

We are committed to working differently to ensure regulation keeps up with the transformation underway across the electricity sector. The Code omnibus is a vehicle to consult on multiple discrete proposals to amend the Code. The intent is to move quicker on amendments and streamline the process to reduce the number of different consultation papers we publish.

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