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Consultation on minor changes to the electricity registry

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We’re proposing some minor improvements to the electricity registry. The registry is where information about electrical connections to a network is held and is important for informing network users on what types of installation are present at a connection.

These changes to the registry require an update to the registry functional specification which forms part of the terms and conditions that apply to participants that are granted access to the registry (paragraph 4.2(a)(i) of the terms and conditions in the Registry Access Policy).

Under clause 11.28(3) of the Electricity Industry Participation Code 2010 (the Code) the Authority is required to consult participants that have already been granted access to the registry before amending the terms and conditions.

In combination, the changes proposed above would provide short-term benefits and could be implemented readily. We may make further, more substantial change to the registry as part of our work on the regulation of distribution networks. However, that work is on a longer implementation path than the short-term changes discussed here.

Read our consultation and provide feedback by email to before 5pm on 26 September 2023.

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