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Decision on Nova Energy appeal of TPM judicial review

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The Authority welcomes the Court of Appeal’s decision released yesterday. This decision and the hearing confirm the Authority’s robust, independent and transparent processes and decision-making in respect of the new transmission pricing methodology (TPM).

Manawa Energy Limited (formerly Trustpower Limited) applied for judicial review of the Authority’s 2020 TPM guidelines decision in July 2020. Nova appealed the High Court’s decision in respect of how it applied to co-generation. The Court of Appeal hearing ran from 19-20 April 2023. The Court of Appeal yesterday found in the Authority’s favour.

The TPM reform process has benefited from years of analysis, expert review and engagement from across the industry. The new TPM came into effect on 1 April 2023.

Certainty and stability in transmission pricing is critical to support our electricity system’s transition to low-emissions energy. The new TPM delivers significant benefits to consumers, through lower electricity prices at peak times, and supports New Zealand’s transition to a low-carbon economy at the least cost.

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