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Decision to clarify responsibility for retailer obligations

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We've amended two clauses in the Electricity Industry Participation Code to clarify retailers’ obligations and enable a multiple trading relationship trial.

We announced in June that two exemptions had been granted to enable a multiple trading relationship trial with Ara Ake and Kāinga Ora. In addition to the exemptions, we have now amended two clauses to clarify a retailers’ responsibilities for an installation control point (ICP). The amendments are technical and non-controversial.

Specifically, where ICP is mentioned in the amended clauses, we have added “identifier” to make it clearer that responsibility for the obligation is set by the trader associated with the ICP identifier in the registry.

Under the Electricity Industry Act, the Electricity Authority can amend the Code without preparing and publicising a regulatory statement, and without consulting on the proposed amendment and regulatory statement if the amendment is technical and non-controversial.

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